Learn How to Use Reiki: Level 1 and 2 Attunements & Certifications

Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Usui Advanced Professional Certification

Plus Psychic Surgery, Past Life Healing and Energetic Detox


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For Empaths, Practitioners, Parents and Aspiring Healers

Gina works with Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Yoga Teachers, Parents of Special Needs Children and Ancient Healers Waking up to their Purpose

Reiki Class From Your Home (via Zoom)

Reiki is a gentle healing art that is used to bring relief and balance to your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Pronounced “Ray-Kee,” this beautiful vibrational healing feels like a surge of universal love pulsing through your veins, and can bring great clarity and openness in little time. Hands-on healing and using source energy for healing purposes has been practiced by mystics and shamans since the beginning of history (and possibly beyond). The source of Reiki (as it is practiced today) comes from ancient Tibet, and was re-introduced to us by a Japanese man named Dr. Mikao Usui in the 20th century. The system, which literally means “spiritually guided life force energy”– allows the practitioner to tap into source energy and use it to help heal. The Reiki vibration is one of intense healing power, that is now even being recognized as effective complimentary medicine all over the western world. Reiki knows no limits of time or space. Energy travels with a thought or intention and can reach you no matter where you are.


Classes are recorded to keep. And, materials (audio, video, "playsheets" and handouts) are already available online. So, you can get started as soon as you sign up!

This Class Goes Live Once per Year. You can Begin Today and Access Your Online Training

This is what You Receive:

  • Interactive Group Call (phone or computer)
  • Personal Questions and Needs Tended to on the Call
  • Online Class Portal and Resources
  • Psychic Skool Online Psychic Development Program ($97.97) as a Gift to Prep you for Class
  • Your Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 Attunements
  • Recorded Call and Class Materials to Keep
  • A Professional Certification can be Achieved with a Few More Steps (call with Gina, practice and a small fee)
Level 1 Attunement and Certification: Heal Yourself and begin to Share the Vibes.

Learn the history and principles of this ancient healing art, and begin to experience the flow of energy through your own body. We will also cover:

  • Reiki hand positions
  • Energetic protection
  • Self-treatment
  • Using Reiki in your healing practice/with children and clients
  • Unlocking your own healing power
  • The difference between Reiki and other energy healing practices
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals)

You were born with the ability to heal and the ability to feel energy. In Reiki Level 1, we help unlock that ability.

Level 2 Attunement and Certification: Deep Emotional Healing

This level of Reiki helps you discover emotional connections to your own and others’ blocks and illnesses. It also helps you find a balance between the mental and emotional conflicts you may have. Becoming attuned to Reiki Level 2 often inspires balance in all of your relationships as well. You will also learn:

  • 3 Reiki symbols and how to connect to them for use in practice and with yourself
  • How to send Reiki through time and space
  • How your body can read intuitive messages during a session
  • How to connect deeper to Spirit
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals)

This is not JUST Reiki

Past Life Healing

Time and Space only exist based on our need for structure. Gina teaches you how to transcend these energetic barriers and transmute soul level trauma to merge with your whole being.


Psychic Surgery

Many of us feel stuck and cannot identify what is holding us back. You will learn how to tune in and pull out both physical and energetic blocks, as well as how to fill that space with the proper energy.

Energetic Detox

When you embody the vibration “I am energy,” your perception of your physical health shifts too. Gina has helped heal many deep physical wounds including autoimmunity and cancer. You will learn how to move energy though each organ and system of your body and flush physical toxins.


These classes offer a practical take on using both modern and ancient healing techniques to help yourself and others through pain, indecision and illness – as well as heighten your consciousness and open you to your spiritual path.

We live within an energy field of rapid advancement into higher consciousness for our planet as a living being and all of us who live within Her. There are also major galactic shifts that influence our expansion. We are truly coming into an integration period where we are calling back the parts of our selves that have been lost over lifetimes, and realizing that each one of us holds parts of each other. We are One. And, we are figuring that out.

Ancient Shamans and “medicine people” understood how to live with our planet and use and restore Her gifts for the growth of all. Integrating these teachings with modern experience, we can learn to transcend our problems by transforming our perspectives and heightening our vibrations.

We have more than just the power to heal. We have the inner power to shift. This connection offers one of the deepest, most satisfying feelings we have ever experienced and that is why we are sharing it with you now. We know that if this class is calling you — you will really dig it too.

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I believe that all the answers for thriving are within us. This chapter teaches you to tune-in to your digestive system. Understanding your gut health will enhance your Reiki and energy healing practice. 

Gina LaVerde is a Medical Intuitive, Author and Teacher here to awaken you to the power to create your own Blissed Life. She's a Certified Body Ecology Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, a Medium, and a student of Natural Medicine, currently pursuing her PhD. For the past 11 years, she's helped thousands of clients overcome illness and stress. She and her family have lived off-grid, grown food in the desert, traveled to teach in Central America and Mexico, and helped their son recover from vaccine injury.  She's also overcome many of her own health challenges, including a very large tumor, parasites, psoriasis and more. She's studied Shamanism, Chinese Herbs, American Herbs, Permaculture, Quantum Physics, Nutrition, and continues the journey. Her new book, "Are You Eating Your Bugs? -- an Adventure in Thriving with Probiotic Foods, Energy Healing and the Psychic Diet" is available wherever books are sold

Visit her at BlissedLife.com where she and her husband Doug share classes, healing and information to raise consciousness. 


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