How to Become Psychic - Real World Psychic Development Classes

Yes, You are Psychic

What kind of Psychic are You? How do you receive intuitive messages? How can you Manifest Abundance? How can you heal your relationships? Who is that inner Guide you've always had? LEARN HOW TO DO PSYCHIC READINGS, INTERPRET DREAMS, CHANNEL ENERGY, USE A PENDULUM AND ACTIVATE YOUR BRAIN IN NEW WAYS.

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We want you to know that you absolutely can TRUST your Intuition and build it into your most useful tool for creating the life you want. And, we'll be here -- making you think deeper, live louder and act on those dreams. Learn to work with the energies in your reality. Learn to plan using your entire brain. The world is finally waking up to what the ancients all knew... We literally cannot get by anymore without empowering this in-born gift. It's where you find your most authentic self. Don't sit still while your heart wants to dance! Wake up to your whole self. There couldn’t be a BETTER time.

Chakra 1: Awaken Your Roots
Start to feel Really Safe in Your Body and Access any Emotions and Thoughts that have been holding you down.
  • Learn how Your Psychic Messages Come to You
  • Get Grounded, Set Clear Intentions, and Tap In to the Gratitude Vibration
  • Write and Revise Your Life Story
  • Activate Your Psychic Brain
  • Energy Sensing and Protection
  • Childhood/Mother Wound Healing
  • Visualization and Simple Meditation



Chakra 2: Rhythm Lover
Start to Express Your True Feelings and Unique Gifts
  • Learn to Identify and Work with Earth's Natural Rhythms for Healing
  • Dance like Everyone is Watching
  • Decode Rhythm in Conversation 
  • Use Divination Tools to Help "Read" Energy
  • Work with Your Guides

This is Us: Your Class Guides Gina and Doug

Flashback to 2006 our lives were a mess. We were exhausted, unhealthy, and our baby boy received a diagnosis of autism. He was so sick, we could hardly pull ourselves from under the muck to see the answers we needed.

We were desperate.

We needed drastic change and set out to find it.

Failure wasn't an option.

After finding healing through nutrition, we discovered that we could take our "gut feelings" to another level. Those messages that live in our subconscious minds actually program us to be healthy or sick. So, Gina developed a system of building that psychic knowing, and helping others do the same.

Now, our boy is thriving. We are thriving. And, we've been helping teach clients from around the world how to tune-in and Thrive too.

Gina is a Medical Intuitive, Author and Reiki Master Teacher.

Doug is a Reiki Master Teacher, and Psychic Development Coach.

We cannot wait to connect with you!


"I’ve taken several of their amazing classes already – wow, what a profound experience each one turned out to be. Emotional, deep, and opening. You connect with your Higher Self, re-member your wisdom, your gifts, your powers, and and you’re left thirsty for more! Gina and Doug are always listening to you and to their inner truth, so that they can manifest the next class, the next journey, the next big idea in order to serve YOU – the fellow spiritual being, having a human experience. I love how gently they guide, how lovingly they express, how passionately they exist. I tell all of my friends about them. I lighten up every time I think about them. My heart is beaming with love for them." -- Gergana P. Chicago, IL "


Online Psychic Development Course:: 2 Chakras of Knowing:: 1 Manifestation Experiment:: Lifetime Access

We designed Psychic Skool Portal One to be your beginner's guide to going deep within. This is for you if you've longed to understand your own intuition better. If you know you have the power to create your own best life, but need to know where to begin. You'll get to learn online at your own pace, and feel like we're right here with you. Multimedia Learning: Log in from your computer, phone or tablet and keep all video, audio recordings and pdf downloads. You'll get 20 lessons, a 5-Day Manifestation Experiment, and plenty of inspiration.


Gina on her own is an intuitive powerhouse sharing her gut, her learning, her messages with gentle confidence. She is a perfectionist and a superior fact checker. Adding Doug’s wit, intelligence, savvy, creativity and presence to Gina, you now get an unbeatable combination for your foundation of support for you, your health and your personal and professional growth and healing. I am awed by their unshakable faith in the laws of nature, themselves and their family. Thank you Gina and Doug for living as you teach. — Lisa Reichert (Chicago, Energy Healer/ Acupuncturist)


In a world of no’s, Gina and Doug gave me a big fat YES. In the midst of lies, they are helping me find my truth. I couldn’t be more grateful. And, I am able to apply many things that I learned in Psychic Skool to my everyday life. — Maria Perez (Chicago, Massage Therapist)


If you are looking for the best Reiki and Psychic Teachers available, sign up.  Do not stop and think, just let go and trust.  You’re in safe and loving hands.  You’ll be taken on adventures that you may at first question, but take the advice given and try everything offered.  You’ll be so glad you did.– Amanda Hodgson (United Kingdom)


Gina LaVerde is a Medical Intuitive, Author and Teacher here to awaken you to the power to create your  own Blissed Life. She's a Certified Body Ecology Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, a Medium, and a student of Natural Medicine, currently pursuing her PhD. Since 2006 she's helped thousands of clients overcome illness and stress. She and her family have lived off-grid, grown food in the desert, traveled to teach in Central America and Mexico, and helped their son recover from vaccine injury.  She's also overcome many of her own health challenges, including a very large tumor, parasites, psoriasis and more. She's studied Shamanism, Chinese Herbs, American Herbs, Permaculture, Quantum Physics, Nutrition, and continues the journey. Her new book, "Are You Eating Your Bugs? -- an Adventure in Thriving with Probiotic Foods, Energy Healing and the Psychic Diet" is coming in the summer of 2018

Visit her at where she and her husband Doug share classes, healing and information to raise consciousness. 


All pics shown here are of ourselves and our amazing clients. 


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