Medical Medium classes and training with muscle testing and Reiki
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Your Full One-on-One Advanced Medical Mediumship Training and Mentorship

program breakdown with cost

6 Personal Sessions. 12 Monthly Calls. Weekly Manifestation Calls. Clinical Practice Calls. Extensive Online Class Material. 

  • Welcome call to get you acquainted with the program
  • 6 Personal Sessions with Gina on your schedule (approx.3 hrs. each) (sells for $555/each)
  • 12 Group Sessions on the 4th Saturday of the month at 10:30am PST (sells for $333/each)
  • 54 Weekly Manifestation Meditations(sells for $111/each)
  • 4 Clinical Practice Sessions (sells for $333/each) 
  • 2 Bonus Sessions (which can be divided and used to support you during times of detox, deep healing or simply to go over a part of the course that you want to dig  into more deeply). ($555/each) with full payment
  • Facebook support group
  • Abundant Online Course Self -Study ($555)
  • Email Support (1 email per week) ($600)
  • Free access to Psychic Skool (prerequisite - psychic development training online course) (Sells for $197)
  • Reiki levels 1 & 2 Certification (can be used professionally) (Sells for $777)
  • Signed copy of Gina’s Book, "Are You Eating Your Bugs?" ($35)  with full payment
  • Ongoing virtual healing and brain balancing (to assist your receiving of new information)
  • Medical Intuitive Level 1 Training Certificate of Completion when finished
  • Total cost breakdown for the class is $17,926. You'll only pay $5,555 (payment plan = $6K for the year)

Please see the FAQ for more information on the cost of the program.

Join Full Training Now (includes individual and group classes)
Join full Training Now (with payment plan)

Group Classes happen on the 4th Saturday of each month at 10:30 am pst online/phone though Zoom.

Invites are sent to you each month to join the class. Students join live from all over the world. And, often also listen to/ view the recordings.

Your Monthly Group Classes Deepen Your Skills as an Intuitive Healer

Each Group Class will be taught with a visualization exercise to induce a manifestation mind-set, the introduction of a new concept, group partnered energy work and body reading, and answers to your personal questions.

1. Mindset Medicine: 3 Hours of pure mind-reprogramming

2. Instant Manifestations
3. Chakras and the Gut/ Brain Connection/ the Psychic Diet
4. Group Journey into the Body: revealing all systems/ aura
5. Your Vibrational Immune System and Rhythms
6. Bugs: parasites, viruses, bacteria/ Sound healing
7. Advanced Testing Techniques
8. Surrogate Healing
9. Reiki 1 and 2
10. Continued Reiki 1 and 2 with Psychic Surgery
11. Instant Healing/ Group Projects 
12. Group Manifestation Project

Join Monthly Group Class Now (Includes weekly manifestations call and all Group Sessions)

We meet for Weekly Wednesday Early Bird Manifestation Meditations to keep us in the Healing Zone

Group Classes and Meditations teach You to

  • Identify the root cause of your patient's symptoms
  • Use Gina's specific body testing methods to clear ongoing health problems with personalized remedies
  • Learn about past lives, and karmic trails
  • Help yourself and clients heal old traumas and victim mind-set that show up as current health problems
  • Determine the exact natural remedies, foods and supplements needed to help your clients detoxify and build immunity
  • Work with your Spirit Guides, plant medicines and discover your own unique method of healing
  • Learn how to use your emotions as tools to help your clients and yourself move forward
  • Channel direct messages from Source
  • Remove subconscious programming
  • Understand what to do with "dark" energies
  • Perform psychic surgery
  • Use your hands, body movement and other shamanic tools for distance and in-person healing
  • Learn how to get into the heart/mindset that manifests the vibrant life you truly need

Check out Your Individual  Session Breakdown and syllabus



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