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Discover how the right foods for YOU can finally get you out of the Fog!

... If you've tried everything else and are still suffering from symptoms and fatigue

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This book's for you, your family and your clients to once and for all get clarity and stop guessing what's going on in the body

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You'll Learn How To:

  • ​Know what foods work best for your body

  • ​Know why some foods don't work for you at all

  • ​Determine whether you have viruses, parasites or the need to CLEANSE

  • ​Build energy in your body so that you're not groggy in the morning

  •  Stop Drowning in Your  Emotions

  • ​Find out what subconscious programs are actually keeping you STUCK

Don't Think you can do it? Neither did they...

 After 15 - 20 years, I thought I’d just about learned it all. But, reading this book of Gina’s I’ve learned so much more... like blessing supplements before taking them, balancing chakras with the sound of my own voice.... & much, much more.

- Kathy


Even as a Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Consultant, I have learned how to heal the body of my family and clients in ways I couldn’t even believe was possible. This book and Gina's course work is transformative and the list of benefits is exponential. I love her and her gifts so much! 

- Danielle

If you're a Holistic Health Practitioner, Parent of a Special Needs Child or just someone who wants to feel relief in your body and stop running yourself into the ground, this may be the most transformational book you ever read.


But first...


This book, and the Ask Your Body system I designed is meant to work for you. But, you have to commit to taking the steps. Even if you  begin with the SIMPLE steps at the end of each chapter.

This information has helped hundreds of people around the world, and there is no reason it cannot help you. In fact, the reason it CAN is because it is personalized to YOU. 

Your standard diet or lifestyle help-book will give you general information about what you should be eating or thinking in order to be well. That is complete B.S.
You are a unique being. And, we are going to work WITH your uniqueness to discover how you can find what works for you and why. 

That's exactly why This Book will continue to work for you — it not only eliminates the one-size-fits-all model, it shows you how to know why something happens in your body so that you can recognize patterns and the needs to make changes over time. 
I've served thousands of clients as a Medical Intuitive/Medium and Mediumship Development Teacher since 2007. 
I've helped people get to the root cause of their physical, emotional and spiritual health imbalances --overcoming illnesses like seizures, autoimmunity and cancer as well as symptoms related to autism, depression, and more.
Are you in? Then let's check out


I healed my family from what experts said was incurable, and wrote this book to show you how you can do that too... no matter what ails you. Whether you are sick of being sick and finding mediocre answers to your health, or you're helping your clients or family get well, you will need this. Because, its personalized. Because, it addresses what nobody else addresses - Energy. Energy in nutrition. Emotions. And, the brain programs that keep you stuck in a sick place.  
Each chapter contains a "Giant Leap to Thriving," which acts as your SIMPLE step-by-step guide to your best health. You will have charts to help you test yourself for the root cause of and remedy for your issues. You will receive lists and protocols and instructions for how to personalize them. And, I will probably make you laugh and cry, because what fun is healing if you can't play a little? I don't want to bore you with the same old...
This book isn't like anything else you have ever read in the "self help" world. You'll remember how you got to your answers. You'll remember why things worked for you. And, you will have a reason to keep coming back to read this book again. Having a word searchable PDF makes it very easy to navigate. 
You will receive a downloadable and searchable PDF copy of Are You Eating Your Bugs? An Adventure in Thriving with Probiotic Foods, Energy Healing and the Psychic Diet. 

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I'm offering this at $1.99

Because, I have a strong calling to get it out to as many people as possible during this time when so many are concerned for their health, worried about "catching" a virus and really needing clarity and peace of mind. 

I'm able to send you my own PDF copy minus the publishers final changes. So, please excuse any minor typos.
This is a one time payment, with no hidden fees or subscriptions. 
My wish for you is that you not only love the book, but you actually use the valuable tools to make changes in your life. I want to hear that you're thriving, because you really can!
And, I'd be honored to help you more closely in my Medical Intuition Training Program, if you're called. But, that is not a requirement.
If you do need help, make sure that you reach out right away. Your time is so sacred. Don't waste another minute of it feeling sick.
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