Medical Intuition/ Mediumship Training Class with Gina LaVerde Medical Mediumship Training
Free Training: Use My Tools & Your Intuition to FINALLY Get Accurate Health Answers to Help You and Your Clients

Medical Intuition Training for Natural Wellness Practioners

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I'll show you how to FINALLY THRIVE in your body while using my Accurate SUSTAINABLE Energy Healing systems to create or TRANSFORM your Soul Nourishing Wellness Practice

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This ain't your granny's "la-de-da " intuition course. This is the perfect marriage of quantum sciences, ancient wisdom, and nutritional expertise. A few days with me, and I'll have you channeling your medical mediumship abilities with profound accuracy. Where there is EXCELLENCE and CERTAINTY, there is TIME to relax into just feeling GOOD.

Hi Love, I'm Gina LaVerde,

I've served thousands of clients as a Medical Intuitive/Medium and Mediumship Development teacher since 2007. I've helped people get to the root cause of their physical, emotional and spiritual health imbalances --overcoming illnesses like seizures, autoimmunity and cancer as well as symptoms related to autism, depression, and more. 

I am here to empower the next level of holistic health teachers to create soul nourishing business that SERVES Your People Sustainably.

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Energy is the Medicine of the Future

Your emotions are Energy. Your thoughts are Energy. The beings in your realm are ENERGY. Source is Energy. My techniques will show you how to tap into this energy in EMPOWERING WAYS THAT ARE NOT TAUGHT ANYWHERE ELSE. Use this Energy. No more guessing what's going on in your body. No more guessing or struggling over particular foods or remedies. No more breathing into your pain and frustration without POWERFUL DIRECTION.


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I think You Need to Value Yourself Highly as a Healer

Traditional health coaching is dying because people are becoming too sick and imbalanced to benefit from soley making diet and lifestyle changes. They need personalized quantum medicine that considers their whole being. You need it too. We need wellness practitioners committed to excellence. I will show you how to provide and receive that in ways that don't exist anywhere else.


Your Body is a Sacred Portal of Transmutation

Maybe you're a nurse or caregiver who knows there's a better way to help your patients THRIVE without running yourself into the ground. Maybe you're a corporate success with a heart that feels and KNOWS so much more than the people around you seem to. Maybe you're an intuitive whose visions and spiritual knowings are thirsty for finally connecting to the fierce support that will help you Step into Your Healing Business. Maybe you're sick of trying EVERYTHING under the sun to get yourself well, while pretending you're okay and that all of your wellness work doesn't feel wasted sometimes. Please don't give up on FEELING YOUR BEST EVER. You can feel it shifting now. And, thank the guidance that brought you here, because together we truly do rise. Even if it was your own or your family's illness that inspired you to connect with me. When two or more are gathered in the powerful healing energy, we not only heal one another, we heal the world. And, the beautiful thing about doing it here is that we have so much fun.

Take the Full Training. Become a Certified Medical Mediumship Practitioner. And, use  QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING techniques to Identify the root cause and remedies for your clients' and your own health issues, muscle test the right way, perform psychic surgery and channel messages from Source. Plus receive hundreds of hours of learning, your Reiki Level 1-2 Certification and potent clinical practice. 

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Results: Get to the Root Cause of Whatever Ails You and Your Clients

Learn how to identify and release the subconscious programs, energetic imprints and implants, infections, toxins, karma and trauma at the core of "dis-ease." And activate your DNA to your highest potential.

autism recovery

A 14 year-old client with autism, who communicated at a preschool level, earned his driver’s license (among other achievements) a few years after working with me (his dedicated parents and a kick-ass team).

allergies gone

A 7 year old client with autism was having continuous severe allergic reactions to ant bites. We eliminated this allergy in one session using my energy healing tools.

ovarian cysts healed

A client came to me two days prior to a scheduled surgery to remove ovarian cysts. In one session, her cysts were healed.

cancer healing

Tumor shrinkage, boosted immunity and upgraded overall health for cancer clients. This includes prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and lymphomas. Clients often experience positive emotional release, pain relief, and more energy right away.

Text Gina at 760-994-2665 or email at [email protected] with any of your program questions


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